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Sooner or later, most homes will need exterior siding repair or total replacement. This may be because the old siding has deteriorated or simply because the homeowner wants to change or update the look of their home or having an exterior that is easier to care for. At Brennan we know this is a major investment for the homeowner and one that should improve the value of the home if the right choices are made. There are several directions the homeowner can go at this point so we have put together the following information to help you make an educated decision that will bring you pleasure for years to come.

There are many types of siding, choosing the right one can change the look and the way you maintain your home. The three most popular types of siding that we discuss here are vinyl, wood, and cement-fiber siding. Whatever siding you choose make sure you chose the right home improvement partner as installation of siding is 50 percent of the project.

Great siding hung poorly will not beautify the home or improve its value. This is also the time to thoroughly research not only who your home improvement partner should be but also research the details of the warranty of the siding product you are considering.

Vinyl siding today is not your father’s siding. It has become quite advanced from the formulation, to its strength to choices of profiles and colors. Vinyl siding is the low maintenance choice. It never needs painting and can be maintained by just spraying it down with water and mild detergent once a year.

Vinyl siding is not only for your walls. There are products to cover the overhangs, fascia and porch ceilings. These are just some of the reason vinyl siding is so popular of a choice when upgrading a home. There are a number of profile heights and textures to compliment each home's unique architectural design.

Mostly all vinyl siding manufacturers carry a “limited” life time warranty so like all warranties you should compare the limitations.

Wood siding comes in large panels, shingles, or horizontal or vertical boards. Wood is widely used for residential siding and offers a wide range of choices.

Since wood is a porous organic material, it absorbs and gives off moisture which causes deterioration over time if the wood is not properly maintained and in some environments, even if it is.

Boards of solid-wood siding comes in both horizontal and vertical and in many variations. Some types to consider include vertical board-and-batten; bevel or bungalow; drop tongue and groove; or shiplap.

Shingle siding is another choice. This gives you the rustic look. Shingles are higher in cost however but they don't need paint and will last for years. Wood siding must be re-painted every 5-7 years to keep properly maintained.

Fiber cement siding looks much like wood siding but does not rot and is much more durable. Cement siding, like wood siding comes in horizontal and vertical boards or large 4x8 sheets. Fiber cement siding will outlast wood siding but like wood, cement siding must be painted. Fiber cement also comes in different profiles and textures and will also cover soffits and fascia.

Fiber cement is mostly used in new construction and typically has a 30 yr warranty. Once fiber cement siding is properly installed and painted it will add beauty and value to your home. Most home owners that choose vinyl siding instead of fiber cement siding want to have no exterior maintenance. Cement fiber siding is now offered “pre-painted. There is limited color selection but the manufacturer does warrant the color from chipping or fading for 15 years.

While many vinyl sidings today are designed to be totally maintenance-free, they still become dirty, just like a freshly painted house, a new automobile or any product exposed to atmospheric conditions. Generally, your vinyl siding can be cleaned satisfactorily by using an ordinary garden hose to wash it down. If this doesn't do the job, try the following:

1. Get a soft-bristled, long-handled, car brush that screws into your garden hose.

2. Scrub it with this cleaning solution:

a. 1/2 cup laundry detergent

b. 2/3 cup of trisodium phosphate

c. 1 gallon water

In certain geographical areas where mildew may be a problem, substitute one quart of 5% sodium hydroxide (bleach) for one quart of water in the above formula. For removal of more stubborn stains, refer to the chart below.

Stain Removal Guide

Cleaning Agents


Special Cleaning Procedures

light oils
heavy grease
caulking compound
tars, Etc.

- mineral spirits
- auto tar

Remove excess with plastic or wood scraper.

Use soft cloth to apply mineral spirits. Avoid polishing stained area by using too much pressure. After removing stain, rinse area with water.

nail polish

cleaning fluid

Remove excess with plastic or wood scraper.

Chill gum to remove excess.

Use soft cloth to apply cleaning fluids. Avoid polishing stained area by using too much pressure. After removing stain, rinse area with water.

rust stains

Oxalic acid – auto radiator Cleaner

Make solution of 1
tablespoon of Oxalic acid crystal to 1 cup warm water.

Apply Oxalic solution with soft bristle brush, wipe with damp cloth, and then flush with rust-free water. Use rubber gloves and protect eyes and face.

stubborn stains

Xylene – lacquer thinner

Try above procedures. If they fail to remove spots, then use this procedure.

Dampen small section of cloth with Xylene, rub vigorously. Do not remove any more material than necessary. Rinse area with water.

If the house is extremely dirty, you should start washing from the bottom and go to the top, rinsing frequently. The cleaning solution should be left on the siding for several minutes before rinsing.


Contributes to Green Building Certification - Vinyl siding can contribute to achieving points in leading green building certification programs. Insulated vinyl siding may help achieve significantly more points.


Boosts R-Value - Insulated vinyl siding helpsincrease the exterior wall’s R-value to contribute to a home’s energy efficiency.


Generates Little Manufacturing Waste - The ability to return scrap and off-spec materials into vinyl siding’s manufacturing process results in virtually no manufacturing waste.


Leaves Little Installation Scrap - Studies show that average scrap rates from vinyl siding installation are less than 1.9% of total construction waste.


Requires Fewer Resources to Maintain - Vinyl siding does not require painting, staining or caulking. This lowers the cost of maintenance and avoids releasing harmful solvents into the environment.


Engineered to Last a Lifetime - Durability is the key to sustainability. The NAHB has cited “Lifetime” as the estimated life expectancy of vinyl siding on a home.


Delivers Better Environmental Performance - Vinyl siding has excellent environmental performance compared with other exterior cladding based on the use of a life-cycle assessment tool compliant with ISO 14044.


Provides Excellent Economic Performance - Vinyl siding also provides exemplary economic performance when evaluating costs associated with all life-cycle stages, from raw material acquisition to waste management.


Contributes Less to Global Warming - Combining the amount of energy saved with manufacturing and transportation, vinyl siding contributes significantly less to global warming than other exterior cladding.


Releases Fewer Toxic Chemicals - Compared to other exterior cladding, vinyl siding releases significantly lower levels of toxic chemicals, including mercury and silver, into the environment.


Emits Less Dioxin - Despite considerable growth in the production of vinyl products over the past 20 years, the level of dioxin released has decreased by nearly 90% over the same time period.


Poses No Health Risk - Unlike silica-based fiber cement, vinyl siding does not utilize any materials that can cause adverse health effects to installers – or to anyone.

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